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Alittihad UAE

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Alittihad is an Arabic language newspaper published daily in the UAE. It is part of the AD Media group, a government organization.

We have a handful of skeptics that like to challenge our own assumptions and a group of perfectionists that don’t know when to quit.

We’re thinkers and innovators who are determined to re-imagine the way we do digital.





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Alittihads’ primary objective was to improve upon the existing site / mobile app design and navigation to drive greater client engagement. Together we created a forward-looking, informative, and logical wireframe unique to the Alittihad, and implemented a custom content management system to allow for real-time responsive updates and site edits

Upon taking on the Alittihad digital engagement, we focused on immersing ourselves into the Alittihad newspaper to better understand the user's journey and expectations. We worked on both their website and mobile app. The mood board should be similar on both platforms. All content published on the website should automatically be published on the mobile app too. This was done using APIs, that allow both platforms to read data from the same database.

When focusing on building immersive user journeys, we provided Alittihad with a wireframe conducive to engagement and resource discovery. Through simplifying navigation and reimagining the site architecture, we provided a seamless user interface that would highlight latest news, videos, and podcasts.

Another important goal of this engagement was to support the Alittihad in-house team members with an easy-to-edit content management system. Utilizing a custom PHP CMS enabled us to create 4 specific user entry layers. Alittihads’ front-end requires constant daily updates and content releases, and with the correct permissions in place, we were able to ensure content on the front-end remained easily editable and specific to each user role.

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