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Al-Ittihad Newspaper

Jumping on Box

Al-Iittihad is a leading Arabic language newspaper published daily in the United Arab Emirates. As part of the Abu Dhabi Media group, the paper is the first regular publication of the country.

Partnership Brief

Mobile App



Emirati Newspaper

Designer's ID had the pleasure of working with Al-Iittihad, a prominent Arabic language newspaper in the United Arab Emirates. They approached us with a need to develop a mobile app for publishing their daily news and integrate APIs from their website so that the news being published there are also reflected on the mobile app. Our team of experts worked closely with the Al-Iittihad team to understand their needs and challenges. We provided them with a comprehensive UX/UI design for their new mobile app, with a focus on improving user experience and creating a visually appealing interface. Our team also developed the app to ensure that it was optimized for mobile devices, including both iOS and Android platforms.



The old mobile app UI was outdated and not user-friendly. Al-Iittihad needed a new mobile app that would provide a better user experience to their readers and allow them to access the news easily. They also required a new APIs integration that would make publishing news on the app effortless.


Designer's ID designed and developed a new mobile app with a new user-friendly UI. The new app included dark and light modes for readers, and categories of the news were organized to make it easy for users to find the news they are looking for. Designer's ID integrated the APIs from Al-Iittihad's website so that news published there would also reflect on the mobile app. This feature helped to streamline the process of publishing news, reducing the time and effort required to update both the website and the app.


Designer's ID delivered a new branded mobile app that is categorized in a user-friendly way. The app's UI is very appealing and friendly for readers, which has resulted in an increase in user engagement. The new app has also made it easier for Al-Iittihad to publish news on both the website and the app, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity for their team. Overall, the partnership between Al-Iittihad and Designer's ID has been a success, and the mobile app has become an essential tool for Al-Iittihad's readers.

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