What Website Builder You Should Use? BEST GUIDE, DON'T MISS!!!

Are you lost? You wanna create a website but you don't know what website builder to use? Well, in this article I will answer all of your questions. I will compare the 4 best website builders from a personal experience. I will tell you which one is the easiest to use, which is hard, and which requires programming skills.

No.1 Wix I personally see that Wix is the No.1 website builder. Why? Well, Wix allows you to build your website in a super easy way, it is based on drag and drop. Which means you don't need to be a programmer in order to use Wix. If you know how to work on PowerPoint, then Wix will be easy for you. The concept is similar to PowerPoint; you drag-drop your elements, images, texts, and anything else. There are 1000s of ready templates. There is a blank template too, where you can build your own custom website from 0. Wix is totally recommended, and by far the best and easiest website builder for non programmers. You can visit Wix here: https://www.wix.com

No.2 Wordpress WordPress is the more powerful platform, but it also comes with complexity. You'll need to spend a lot more time learning how to use WordPress. Wordpress is more professional than Wix but again, it has a steeper learning curve— deciding between the two is a question of trade offs. You can visit Wordpress here: https://www.wordpress.com

No.3 Sqauresace Sqaurespace is a good website builder. However, you can not move your elements freely. They will be aligned automatically, while in Wix you can place them anywhere you want on the page. Your choices are limited, you need to have programming skills (CSS & HTML) in order to fully customize your website the way you want. Sqaurespace is more more like ready templates that you can edit in a limited way. You can visit Sqaurespace here: https://www.squarespace.com/

No.4 Weebly Weebly is a similar to Squarespace. However, Squarespace has more features than Weebly. If we compare Weebly to Wix, it's got the same simple "drag and drop" approach, however dosen't have the same level of creative freedom as Wix. You don't need to be a programmer in order to work on Weebly. Wix is still a better choice than Weebly. You can visit Weebly here: https://www.weebly.com/

To sum it up, these 4 web builders are the best. I've personally used each one of them for more than 4 years. In conclusion, Wix is the best and easiest for non programmers. Wordpress comes in 2nd due to it's complexity. Squarespace is 3rd. Last but not least, Weebly.