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Kafa Organization

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Kafa Organization, a Lebanese feminist NGO, strives to eradicate gender-based violence and discrimination. Established in 2005, Kafa works tirelessly to create a society free from patriarchal structures that oppress women, championing their rights and well-being.

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Partnership Brief


Designer's ID had the privilege to collaborate with Kafa Organization in developing a website from scratch that would serve as a survey platform. The objective was to collect and analyze data from the public, enabling Kafa to gain valuable insights and strengthen their advocacy for their goals.



The primary challenge was to design a user-friendly interface that would maximize the success rate of survey participation, ensuring that respondents complete the surveys until the final step. Kafa required a custom content management system (CMS) that would allow them to easily create, open, and close surveys with specific answers. Additionally, they needed comprehensive data management capabilities, including filtering and sorting options based on various demographics such as age, nationality, gender, and marital status. Kafa also expressed the need to export survey data in Excel format for further analysis and integration with their existing systems.


Designer's ID took on the challenge by designing a user-friendly UX/UI that would enhance the overall survey experience. Leveraging PHP, we developed the website from scratch, tailoring it to meet Kafa's specific requirements. The custom-built CMS provided a wide range of survey management features, including the ability to create, edit, and manage surveys effortlessly. The CMS also incorporated powerful data management tools, enabling Kafa to filter and sort survey responses based on various demographic criteria. To streamline data analysis, we implemented an export functionality that allowed Kafa to extract survey data in Excel format, facilitating further analysis and integration with their systems.


The result of our collaboration with Kafa Organization was a new, user-friendly, and branded website with an appealing user interface. The carefully designed UX/UI ensured a smooth and intuitive survey filling process, encouraging a higher success rate among participants. With the custom CMS, Kafa gained full control over survey creation, management, and data analysis. The comprehensive filtering and sorting options provided valuable insights into different demographic segments, empowering Kafa to drive evidence-based advocacy efforts. The ability to export survey data in Excel format further facilitated their data analysis and integration processes.

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