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Mercedes-Benz Mena

Jumping on Box

Designer's ID collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to develop a comprehensive website catering specifically to the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. The objective was to showcase their diverse vehicle range with detailed specifications and provide users with the ability to book test drives.

Mobile App



Partnership Brief

Luxury Automotive

Al-Ittihad approached Designer's ID with a requirement to develop a comprehensive mobile app that would mirror their website's content and categorization. This governmental project aimed to provide a seamless and accessible news consumption experience for their audience.



Mercedes-Benz had stringent brand guidelines, requiring a custom-made website that adhered closely to their established identity. The challenge was to categorize their extensive car lineup, including different variations within each model. Additionally, the website needed to feature a test drive booking functionality and a showroom finder with country and area filtering options.


Designer's ID undertook the design and development of the website, meticulously following Mercedes-Benz's brand guidelines. A custom content management system (CMS) was developed to empower the client with the ability to manage their vehicle data, handle drive test requests, modify sliders and banners, and manage branch locations. The website showcases Mercedes-Benz's identity while ensuring a user-friendly experience, allowing easy access to all vehicle information, specifications, options, and variations. Users can conveniently book test drives and explore comprehensive brand-related details.


The collaboration yielded a new, fully functional, and categorized website that fulfilled Mercedes-Benz's requirements. The website reflects the brand's identity, adheres to strict brand guidelines, and provides a user-friendly interface for accessing detailed vehicle information. The inclusion of features such as test drive booking and showroom finder enhances user engagement and satisfaction. The result is a powerful online platform that showcases Mercedes-Benz's premium vehicles, captivates users, and reinforces the brand's prominence in the MENA region.

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