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Al-Ittihad is a leading Arabic language newspaper published daily in the United Arab Emirates and affiliated with the Abu Dhabi Government. As the country's first regular publication, it serves as a prominent source of news and information.

Mobile App



Partnership Brief


Al-Ittihad approached Designer's ID with a requirement to develop a comprehensive mobile app that would mirror their website's content and categorization. This governmental project aimed to provide a seamless and accessible news consumption experience for their audience.



Having faced previous challenges with a different agency, Al-Ittihad sought a reliable partner to deliver the mobile app within an aggressive timeline of 18 days. The app encompassed over 50 screens, required various integrations for video and audio players, and involved REST API integration to sync news updates from the website. Furthermore, categorizing the vast amount of daily news articles was crucial.


Designer's ID assigned a dedicated team comprising a project manager, UX/UI design engineer, quality assurance engineer, three mobile app developers, and an analyst to ensure the successful completion of the project. Flutter, a versatile development technology, was employed to streamline the app's development process. The team seamlessly integrated the required APIs (using Postman collections) and conducted rigorous daily testing.


The collaboration resulted in the delivery of a user-friendly, fully functional, and categorically organized mobile app for Al-Ittihad. The app effectively reflects all news articles, providing readers with an enjoyable and accessible reading experience. The implementation of accessibility features further enhanced user engagement. With over half a million users, the app has achieved significant success in terms of user adoption and satisfaction.

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