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The Dermo Lab

Jumping on Box

Elevate your skincare journey with The Dermo Lab, a distinguished partner of renowned brands like Ducray, A-derma, Klorane, and more. Comprising a team of dermatology experts, The Dermo Lab is dedicated to enhancing your skin, hair, and overall well-being.




Partnership Brief

Skin Care

Designer's ID collaborated with The Dermo Lab to bring their vision to life—a dynamic blogging website that transcends conventional beauty platforms. Focused on user experience, our partnership aimed to create a comprehensive blog catering to individuals seeking insights into skincare, haircare, and well-being. The website serves as a trusted space where experts recommend curated products, ensuring a seamless path to purchase.



The challenge lay in crafting a user-friendly blog equipped with a versatile content management system (CMS). The platform needed to accommodate multiple authors, each contributing expertise-backed articles. With a bilingual audience in mind, the additional task was to flawlessly layout the website for both English and Arabic versions, presenting a harmonious visual and navigational experience.


Designer's ID addressed the challenge by developing a bespoke blogging website that prioritizes user experience. The CMS was tailored to grant multiple authors easy access, fostering a collaborative environment. Our team ensured meticulous design considerations for the bilingual aspect, guaranteeing a layout that seamlessly transitioned between English and Arabic versions. The result was a visually engaging and functionally robust platform, aligning with The Dermo Lab's commitment to excellence.


The collaboration yielded a dynamic and user-friendly blogging website. Expertly crafted blogs, approved by dermatologists in the Middle East, provide the latest research articles and product recommendations. The CMS empowers multiple authors to contribute seamlessly. With a thoughtfully designed bilingual interface, the website stands as a testament to The Dermo Lab's dedication to accessible self-care, setting a new standard in the realm of skincare and well-being.

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