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Mercedes Benz Mena

Jumping on Box

In a strategic partnership, Designer's ID collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to create a dynamic website tailored exclusively for the MENA region. The goal was clear – to present the extensive Mercedes-Benz vehicle range with intricate details and offer users a seamless avenue for booking test drives.




Partnership Brief

Car Manufacturer

Revolutionizing the digital landscape, Mercedes-Benz partnered with Designer's ID for an iconic online presence. Seamlessly merging luxury with innovation, our collaboration focuses on a bespoke website, embodying the brand's elegance for the MENA region. Elevate your digital journey with us.



Mercedes-Benz, renowned for its precision and elegance, presented Designer's ID with a unique challenge. The task was to craft a bespoke website adhering strictly to the brand's guidelines. This included categorizing an extensive lineup of vehicles, each with its own variations. Crucially, the website needed to incorporate features like test drive booking and a showroom finder, complete with country and area filtering options.


Designer's ID embraced the challenge by meticulously designing and developing the website, paying close attention to every detail of Mercedes-Benz's brand identity. A custom content management system (CMS) was engineered to empower Mercedes-Benz in managing their vehicle data, handling test drive requests, and seamlessly modifying sliders, banners, and branch locations. The website not only reflects the brand's essence but also ensures a user-friendly interface for effortless access to detailed vehicle information, specifications, options, and variations. The integration of features like test drive booking and a showroom finder further enriches the user experience.


The collaborative effort yielded a powerful and fully functional website that met and exceeded Mercedes-Benz's expectations. It stands as a true reflection of the brand's identity, adhering to stringent brand guidelines. The user-friendly interface enhances accessibility to detailed vehicle information, while features like test drive booking and the showroom finder contribute to heightened user engagement and satisfaction. The result is an impactful online platform that not only showcases Mercedes-Benz's premium vehicles but also captivates users, solidifying the brand's prominence in the MENA region.

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