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Makana Hire

Jumping on Box

Embark on a groundbreaking equipment rental experience with Makana Hire, a stalwart in the Australian industry for over three decades. Designer's ID proudly spearheaded the development of a custom website, revolutionizing how Makana Hire showcases and leases its extensive range of construction equipment.




Partnership Brief

Constuction Equipment

In a strategic partnership, Designer's ID collaborated with Makana Hire to bring forth a state-of-the-art website. The objective was crystal clear: to design and develop a user-friendly platform where equipment categorization, detailed listings, and seamless leasing options converge.



The challenge lay in the intricacies of presenting a vast inventory of construction equipment with comprehensive details. Makana Hire aimed for a website where users could effortlessly navigate, explore, and lease equipment for specific project needs. The challenge further extended to customizing a leasing availability solution for a diverse range of equipment.


Designer's ID met the challenge with ingenuity, crafting a dynamic website from scratch. The platform boasts an intuitive categorization system, allowing users to seamlessly navigate and explore detailed equipment specifications. The leasing process was streamlined with a tailored solution, ensuring a user-friendly experience. The website's design and functionality were meticulously aligned with Makana Hire's specific requirements, combining aesthetics with practicality.


The collaboration bore fruit in the form of a revolutionary website for Makana Hire. Users now experience a seamless journey through a diverse range of construction equipment, each accompanied by comprehensive specifications. The custom leasing system enhances user experience, simplifying the process. The website stands as a testament to Makana Hire's commitment to optimal performance, efficiency, and innovation in the equipment rental business.

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