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Kafa Organization

Jumping on Box

In the heart of Lebanon, Kafa Organization, a feminist NGO established in 2005, ardently battles gender-based violence and discrimination. Designer's ID proudly joined forces with Kafa, embarking on a ground-breaking project to develop a survey platform from the ground up.




Partnership Brief


Designer's ID and Kafa Organization collaborated to construct a bespoke survey platform. The mission was clear: empower Kafa with robust tools to collect and analyze public data, fortifying their advocacy for a society free from gender-based oppression.



The focal challenge was to design a user-friendly interface that not only attracted survey participants but ensured their journey from start to finish. Kafa needed a custom CMS facilitating easy survey creation, opening, and closure with specific answers. Furthermore, robust data management, including filtering and sorting based on demographics, and Excel data export were crucial.


Designer's ID addressed the challenge with a meticulously crafted UX/UI design, enhancing the overall survey experience. Leveraging PHP, we built the website from scratch, tailoring it to Kafa's unique needs. The custom CMS offered a suite of survey management features, from creation to analysis. It seamlessly integrated powerful data management tools, enabling Kafa to sift through responses based on demographics. An Excel export functionality simplified data analysis and integration.


The collaboration birthed a new, branded website with an inviting interface, optimizing the survey process. The tailored UX/UI ensured a seamless journey for participants, resulting in higher success rates. The custom CMS granted Kafa control over survey creation, management, and data analysis. Filtering and sorting options provided nuanced insights into demographic segments, fueling evidence-based advocacy. The ability to export data in Excel format further streamlined analysis and integration, empowering Kafa in their mission.

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