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Jumping on Box

Designer's ID partnered with FreePower to craft a dynamic website that reflects their high standards and aligns seamlessly with brand guidelines, serving as an informative platform to showcase their innovative products and solutions.




Partnership Brief


FreePower and Designer's ID joined forces to create a website that goes beyond industry standards. The collaboration aimed at translating FreePower's technological prowess into a visually striking and informative online presence. The challenge was not only to adhere to the specificities of FreePower's brand guidelines but also to produce captivating 3D videos and images that enhance their products and solutions, all while maintaining a bold and impactful aesthetic.



The primary challenge lay in the meticulous translation of FreePower's distinct brand guidelines into a functional and visually appealing website. Additionally, the task involved the creation of compelling 3D videos and images that not only showcased their products and solutions but also contributed to a bold and impactful online identity. Striking the right balance between a bold visual language and user-friendly functionality was key to meeting FreePower's expectations.


Designer's ID rose to the challenge by designing and developing a website that not only met but exceeded FreePower's high standards. Carefully adhering to brand guidelines, we crafted a visually impressive and user-friendly platform. Leveraging advanced technologies, we created 3D videos that seamlessly integrated into the website without compromising speed or performance. The result was a website that not only showcased FreePower's innovations but also provided a bold and memorable user experience.


The collaboration yielded a stunning website that stands as a testament to FreePower's commitment to excellence. The platform successfully captures the essence of their brand, offering visitors an informative and visually captivating journey through their products and solutions. With a user-friendly CMS in place, FreePower now has full control over their online presence. The bold and impactful design elements contribute to a lasting impression, setting FreePower apart in the realm of next-generation charging technology.

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