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Fatcow Digital

Jumping on Box

Fatcow Digital, a dynamic force in the marketing realm, entrusted Designer's ID to weave its digital presence. More than a catchy brand, Fatcow Digital signifies prosperity globally. Their vibrant team, with a shared vision of transforming businesses digitally, collaborated with Designer's ID to craft a captivating website.




Partnership Brief

Digital Marketing Agency

Designer's ID partnered with Fatcow Digital to elevate its online identity. Beyond a mere website, it was about encapsulating the essence of prosperity and delivering a digital experience that resonates globally. The joint venture aimed to redefine the standards of marketing agency websites and establish a unique online presence.



The challenge was twofold: firstly, crafting an aesthetically pleasing website that stands out in the saturated market of marketing agencies. Secondly, creating a user-friendly interface that seamlessly navigates through the extensive services and portfolio of Fatcow Digital. Additionally, the absence of a defined brand guideline posed an additional challenge.


Designer's ID responded by developing a website from scratch, marrying aesthetics with functionality. A custom CMS was meticulously crafted, granting Fatcow Digital full control. This empowered them to modify and update every facet of the website – from portfolio additions to service updates, image modifications, text adjustments, and more. A comprehensive brand guideline was also established to solidify their visual identity.


The result was more than a website; it was a digital manifestation of Fatcow Digital's vision. The website not only stood out in the competitive landscape but also offered a seamless user experience. The custom CMS ensured autonomy, enabling effortless updates. The crafted brand guidelines provided a consistent and recognizable identity. Fatcow Digital's digital presence became a testament to their commitment to prosperity and innovation in the digital era.

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