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Chemipaint (Dutch Boy)

Jumping on Box

Chemipaint, or Universal Paint and Chemical Industries, stands as a trailblazer in paint and coating production, distributing Dutchboy products. Headquartered in Choueifat, Lebanon, with branches in Lebanin, U.A.E., and Iraq, the company spans over 42,000 square meters, employing 400+ individuals.




Partnership Brief

Paints & Coatings

Designer's ID partnered with Chemipaint to craft a bespoke website for Dutch Boy, offering a dynamic platform to display products and international points of sale. Our collaboration aimed to blend sophisticated design with user-friendly navigation, elevating Chemipaint's online presence.



The challenge was multi-fold: presenting diverse products and categories to different countries while maintaining a seamless user experience. With an extensive product line, the goal was to showcase products smoothly. Additionally, the website needed to be adaptable to different languages and regions.


Designer's ID undertook the challenge by developing a fully dynamic website from scratch. The custom content management system (CMS) provided complete control. It allowed seamless modification of products, categories, text, images, and the addition of point-of-sale locations. The website design ensured an intuitive user experience, making product exploration easy for visitors from different regions.


The collaboration yielded a cutting-edge website, reflecting Dutchboy's product diversity and global presence. With a user-friendly CMS, Chemiaint gained autonomy over their online space. Visitors can effortlessly explore products, categories, and locate points of sale. The result is a dynamic online showcase that enhances Chemipaints's global reach and Dutchboy's product visibility.

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