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B Plus

Jumping on Box

In 1955, B Plus embarked on a journey in bakery equipment manufacturing, evolving into a powerhouse in automated bread production. Designer's ID, honored to collaborate, shaped their digital presence with a dynamic website, a testament to B Plus's legacy and our commitment to innovation.




Partnership Brief

Bakery Equipment

Our collaboration with B Plus, spanning the development of their website, reflects a shared commitment to excellence. With decades of industry leadership, B Plus entrusted Designer's ID to translate their rich history and cutting-edge solutions into an engaging online experience.



Navigating B Plus's wealth of product details and diverse sections posed a unique challenge. Our task was to seamlessly integrate extensive information into a user-friendly, bilingual website (English and Arabic), without compromising the user experience. The complexity lay in presenting comprehensive details while ensuring responsive design.


Designer's ID responded with a bespoke website, meticulously crafted from scratch. The site boasts a robust CMS empowering B Plus to edit any aspect effortlessly. The challenge of information abundance was met with an intuitive design, ensuring smooth navigation. Now, users can explore B Plus's solutions seamlessly, appreciating the responsive layout and bilingual capabilities.


The culmination of our efforts is a dynamic, bilingual website that encapsulates B Plus's legacy and innovative solutions. Users navigate effortlessly, exploring a spectrum of offerings. The responsive design harmonizes information richness with user-friendly interaction. B Plus now stands not only as an industry leader but also as a digital trailblazer in the bakery equipment domain.

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