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Al-Ittihad Newspaper

Jumping on Box

Al-Ittihad, a revered Arabic language newspaper associated with the Abu Dhabi Government, is a daily source of news and information in the UAE. Seeking to enhance its digital presence, Al-Ittihad partnered with Designer's ID for the development of a comprehensive mobile app, aligning with their website's content and categorization.

Mobile App



Partnership Brief

Governmental Newspaper

The collaboration stemmed from Al-Ittihad's quest for a reliable development partner after facing challenges with a previous agency. With an ambitious timeline of 18 days, Al-Ittihad aimed to create a mobile app featuring over 50 screens, integrations for video and audio players, and a seamless connection with website updates through REST API. The project's success hinged on addressing these complexities.



The primary challenge lay in the complexity of the project and the stringent 18-day deadline. Previous setbacks with another agency heightened the need for a steadfast solution. The app's extensive features, including numerous screens and integrations, demanded a meticulous approach to ensure a user-friendly experience. Additionally, categorizing the daily influx of news articles presented a significant organizational hurdle.


Designer's ID assembled a dedicated team comprising a project manager, UX/UI design engineer, quality assurance engineer, three mobile app developers, and an analyst. Flutter, a versatile development technology, was chosen to expedite the app's creation. The team efficiently integrated necessary APIs using Postman collections and executed rigorous daily testing to meet the tight deadline.


The collaboration yielded a triumph—the timely delivery of a user-friendly, fully functional mobile app for Al-Ittihad. With an intuitive interface, the app seamlessly mirrors all news articles from the website. The incorporation of accessibility features not only ensures inclusivity but also enhances user engagement. Boasting over half a million users, the app stands as a testament to its success in terms of adoption and user satisfaction.

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